I Don’t Have Time

You’ve heard so many people say this; “I don’t have time”!  Well, unfortunately that’s a lie.  Please don’t misunderstand me or be upset with me when I call it what it is.  We all have time.  We have been given time every day when we wake from sleep and open our eyes to greet another day.  We’ve all been given time when we see nature and all the beauty therein.  (This is especially true during this season.)  While we may not MAKE THE TIME, we all have been allowed to have time.

I have 24 hours in every day.  That’s 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds.  It’s not that I don’t have time, it’s that I may choose to use it unwisely or to flagrantly waste it in pursuit of worthless goals and empty achievements.   When I say, “I don’t have time”, I’m really saying “I don’t want to”.  I’m really saying that I choose to use that time to do what I want to do.  Is that so wrong?  If I choose to use the time I’ve been given to be lazy and unproductive, I’m not hurting anyone.  After all, it is my time isn’t it?

Actually, our time isn’t our own.  Each day given to us is time to use in whatever way we choose.  So where is this going?  We are granted every breath from second to second and we aren’t guaranteed our next breath.  If that breath doesn’t come, then life is over and time, as we know it here, is done.  If you knew your life was ending 24 hours from now and your child said spend the day with me Dad or Mom, would your answer be “I don’t have time”?  What if your wife or husband came to you and asked you to spend some quiet time alone with them, what would your answer be?  We don’t ordinarily view time as something that we have in limited amounts. We simply spend it and fail to recognize that it has been given to us as a gift.  We are allowed to have it because we are loved.

So, if a friend asks for your help with a project or to listen to their problems, think about it before you say to yourself, I don’t have time.  Acknowledge that friend, look them in the eye and say, I love you and I have all the time in the world for you.  When our time is over and we give up our place in this earthly environment, may we have lived in such a way and may we have utilized our time in a manner that those who knew us best will say they always had time for us.

So today, while you have time; send a note of encouragement; make a telephone call just to say hi; wish someone a happy birthday;  open the car door for your wife; tell your child you love them; send someone a thank you note; allow someone ahead of you in line; buy someone lunch; pick up a piece of litter; donate blood; volunteer your talents; be charitable; pat someone on the back; share a smile with someone; compliment someone; be courteous; give up the front parking place to the driver behind you; deliver meals to shut ins.

Get the idea? Make the time you have been given useful to someone other than yourself.  Use your time in service to others, because the universal law, as you sow so also shall you reap,  has never been truer than it is right now at this moment in time.

Do you have time?

What this blog is about.

It’s about time.  How much of it we have. How we use it. How we abuse it. How I believe it should be used. What? Am I being selfish to say, “How I believe it should be used? Well, it’s my blog. Besides I’m open to discussion about anything I may write here.  Isn’t that the purpose of blogging anyway.  Isn’t it to express yourself, your beliefs, thoughts, opinions, etc., and get feedback from others? Well, that’s what I’ll be doing. Why should you read and subscribe to this blog? Because without an exchange of ideas, beliefs, etc., this world would not have progressed a well as it has; if you can call the world we currently live in to be in a state of progression.  Anyway, the blog “It’s About Time” will be about time. So this is my first post.  Confusing huh? Well hopefully as we move through this process it will become less confusing and more informative, interactive and interesting.